Hiring a ghostwriter can be extremely beneficial and help you in many ways. Outsourcing your writing to a qualified and skilled ghostwriter can add great value to your business credibility,  image, expertise and resources; such as, time, increased intellectual property,  and enhanced collateral or documentation.

Although ghostwriters may be hired for several different reasons, generally, credited authors do so because they do not have the time, discipline, or writing skills to research and pen an autobiography or “how-to” book. And, that’s okay!

The degree of involvement between the ghostwriter and you, the credited author, can occur in one of three ways:

  1. Your ideas:   In this scenario, you pay the ghostwriter to take your ideas and turn them into an article or book. They will interview you, listen to you speak on the topic, or take your notes and develop it into cohesive content. The ghostwriter will do all of the necessary research and writing; you either approve the final draft or require substantial changes prior to publication.
  2. Their creative writing based on your ideas: In this scenario, you pay the ghostwriter to write from an outline or transcript you’ve provided. Or you may email them a rough draft; it’s the ghostwriter’s job to improve upon the rough draft and perfect it for publication.
  3.  Their ideas and creative writing: Here, you pay the ghostwriter to come up with the ideas, create the outlines, and write the book or articles. Your only involvement is to approve. This would include social ghostwriters (celebrities who hire someone to run their Twitter accounts, for instance).

Professional and talented ghostwriters can help with any one of these ghostwriting arrangements and would love to assist you with your upcoming or current writing project. For tips on how to ensure the best possible engagement process and successful result, read last month’s blog post: Keep Calm… Get Help!  

DHBonner Virtual Solutions, LLC


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