You’ve put a lot of time, money and passion into self-publishing your Blog, eBook, Book or Novel; but now your skimping on polishing your body of work! You know you need an Editor, but what exactly does an Editor do? I’m glad you asked that question!

There are generally four types of editors:

1) Initial Critique: This is usually done by someone you trust, like your Mom, Husband, or Friend. Generally, they read through your work, help you to get a secondary perspective, and provide you with initial feedback to your work. You don’t want to stop here, however, as most of those who love us don’t want to hurt our feelings. Therefore, many major issues are missed or glossed-over. This is why the next Editor is so important…

2) Substantive Edit: Also called a developmental edit, these are deep edits into the manuscript which are best left to the Professionals, or at least, to those individuals in your life who are skilled at catching inconsistencies in writing, like style issues, plot and readability.

3) Copy Edit: A copy editor is in essence, a fact checker and one who makes sure that the copy is protected from libel. This is your basic proofread edit and there may be some minimal rewriting (what I call ‘wordsmith’) of the copy, as well as attention paid to clarity and flow.

4) Line Edit: This is the final line of defense and should be done prior to publishing. The manuscript is checked for consistency, grammar, punctuation, word usage and spelling. The focus here is on making sure that the final copy is the best that it can possibly be.

Unfortunately, most writers will go only with an Initial Critique or a Line Edit; most avoid a substantive edit, usually because it’s the most costly, invasive and intensive. Nevertheless, all four of these edits are critical to the writing and publishing process and a good Editor will support you in presenting your final manuscript at its best possible!


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